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Hotel Class

Hotel star ratings are devised to give you an easy, one-glance assessment of any type of accommodation. The ratings give a general indicator of the standard of service and features you can expect at a particular place. Please see the descriptions below for each star category.

A note of caution:
The star ratings only give a general indication about the accommodation. Not every room in a hotel will have all the features or services implied in its rating. The ratings shown on our pages are supplied by the individual hotels; we have no way of determining their authenticity.

Please indicate any special requests you may have in the ‘comments’ field in our room booking form.

*Mostly rooms or residence halls owned privately or by the State. They offer a limited choice of food and services. Usually they have no air-conditioning. Bathrooms and toilets are shared communally and the reception may not open 24 hours a day.

**Small and medium size hotels or apartments with simply furnished but cleanly maintained rooms. Only basic services are available.

***These hotels employ more staff and offer a wider choice of services often compatible to those expected internationally. Reception and public areas are more spacious. Hotels also tend to be air-conditioned. There is an en-suite bathroom in every room as well as with room service.

****Hotels in this category offer a significantly improved quality of furniture, interior design and service than in hotels with a lower star rating.  Bedrooms are larger and services are likely to include porter service, 24-hour room service, laundry and dry cleaning.

are the norm when meeting the requirements of the hotel’s guests. It is characteristic of these hotels to use individualist décor and furniture made from the most exquisite materials and fabric to give their guests who stay there a special and unique experience.