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Sailing on the Lake Balaton - Rent a boat


Lake Balaton Sailing and rent a boat Hungary - Boat hire and rentals  

  1. Dolphin 26 (Anna)
    1 day
    110 EUR
    140 EUR
    150 EUR
    2 day
    200 EUR
    240 EUR
    260 EUR
    long weekend (Friday-Sunday)
    235 EUR
    310 EUR
    340 EUR
    4 day (Monday-Friday)
    265 EUR
    350 EUR
    405 EUR
    1 week (Friday Sunday)
    425 EUR
    600 EUR
    670 EUR
    skipper for 3 hour by announcing the captain
    140 EUR
    Skipper for 24 hour by announcing the captain
    155 EUR
    Prices include: VAT

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The Dolphin 26 800n is a real touring sailboat! It is designed for inland navigation but also can be used at sea. It is balanced for wind strength Beaufort 6 and up to 2 meters waves. Its ability to manoeuvre is excellent and this type of sailboat is one of the fastest! You can find everything in this sailboat, comfort, speed and safety! We are sure you will never forget your first sailing trip tour onboard! To sail on the Twister on Lake Balaton is wonderful, exhilarating experience!

Outer Appearance

The Dolphin 26 800n is an extremely beautiful and elegant touring sailboat! Except for its weight, it would be classed as a racing sail! The boat has a great cockpit ideal for 6 persons! Storage units under the seats include all the necessary accessories. The kits fit to hand and are easy to use. Because of its easy-to-handle navigational system, there is the possibility of being able to manoeuvre in shoals and squally weather which sometimes occur on Lake Balaton. And not to forget the ladies. The smooth surface in front of the cockpit is an ideal place to improve the suntan!

Inner Appearance

The Dolphin 26 is ideal for 6 persons. Step down the wooden stairway to the cabin below where the furniture and fittings are made of polished wood. The drapes and colours of the furnishings can be chosen from a range of colour samples. The salon is spacious and the ventilation of the rooms is achieved by deck windows, other windows of the salon being fixed to prevent the entry of the water. There is also a small kitchen inside with both sink and refrigerator. Electric lighting is provided in every room.