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Les monuments juifs de Budapest


  • Durée: 3,5-4 heures
  • Prix pour adultes: 38 euro, pour student: 36 euro

  • Time table: 10:00 on weekdays (Monday - Thursday), on Sundays at 11:00
    (Cliquez sur la photo pour visualiser)

    Départ pour le quartier juif. Visite de la grande Synagogue, la 2ème plus importante au monde (rue Dohany), avec son Musée d'Art Religieux et son Jardin - l'arbre de Vie - le temple des Héros. En option: déjeuner dans le Restaurant Casher (fin du tour). Le tour n'a pas lieu les jours fériés et à des occasions exceptionnelles.

    This tour was created for the one, who would really like to understand the differences between our main religious wings. With the help of our English-speaking guide you will be acquainted with the most important chapters of the history and culture of the Hungarian Jewry. The tour includes an interior visit to the Dohány synagogue, which is the largest in Europe. Guided tour in the Jewish Museum, which has an important and unique collection of art pieces from Hungary and Eastern Europe.

    The Holocaust Cemetery where thousand were buried, who were killed in the ghetto times. The Raul Wallenberg Memorial Park with the Tree of Life which was created to remind us of those who perished in the war. We pass by the Heroes temple, which was built in memory of those who gave their lives during the WWI. To understand the present we continue our walk to the old – new Jewish Quarter, which was used as a ghetto during the WWII and it hosts synagogues, monuments, kosher restaurants, and shops.

    You will see the Carl Lutz Memorial, than we have an interior visit of the statusquo movement, the Rumbach Street Synagogue, the Király Street, the famous Gozsdu Courtyard and the center of the orthodox Jewish community, with an interior visit of the Kazinczy Street Synagogue. After our approximately 3,5-4 hours-long tour, we will offer you a cake and coffee in a kosher confectionary. You can chose this tour with a lunch too, in that case with our ticket you will get 15% discount in Carmel a kosher restaurant.